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February 2, 2008
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Requested in Feb/March 2007

My review:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

here´s a short review of a vid that a young Canadian called Stacey (we all know her better as ThikChic) did for me.

I had a rather strange request for her that led to at least two premieres.

Just to give you a hint what kind of request it was I´m telling you the final vid title was “STUFFED!”. ;-)

I knew that ThickChic (I will shorten that to “TC” in the following passages) had done eating vids before so I mailed her with my request.

Whenever I contact models for possible stuffing sets I´m pretty nervous if there will even be an answer or not. And this has nothing to do with the weight etc. of the models. I have contacted slim models that responded with a nice and willing reply within hours while some curvy build models never responded and even one curvier model one time wrote me an insulting mail (she was on SC but isn´t there anymore).

But to cut a long story short:

TC answered within a day and was in fact willing to do this set. I have to say that I liked the style of her answering as she wrote in a very sympathetic style.

So a few mails later we had exchanged enough info so I booked her.

I requested a vid with things like B/A-measurements, eating a lot in tight pants, burps and typical things like that.

As TC was the biggest model I ever booked for a stuffing set I was pretty curious to see the result as it was her first real stuffing set in her modelling career…

The first nice surprise was that TC is very quick regarding doing vids under normal circumstances. So it didn´t take more than 5 weeks from my first mail to the receipt of the custom vid (time incl. 1 week without no contact due to a fault regarding my e-mail-system, so that week wasn´t TC´s fault at all).

So what is better to relax after working out in gym than take a look onto the vid TC did…

The vid was done in premium quality.

So what about the measurements?

You could really feel the excitement in the air when TC took her measurements and also stepped onto the scale (sorry, no details… never ask a gentleman about a cute lady´s weight etc. ;-) ).

After that a kitchen desk was shown… overloaded with food: Chinese food, chicken wings, a cake, a pie, a big bowl of pasta, a supersized pizza… and of course a milk shake and water to easy it up.

How much of that food would be still on the desk after TC has to quit I thought…

So the challenge was set and there was the heroine of the whole set:

TC… wearing jeans that were at least 1 size too small and a top that didn´t hide her belly at all.

She sat down and started eating… and eating… and eating…

Mercilessly she started with the Chinese food then the chicken wings disappeared in a mystical way and a big part of the pizza followed soon after.

During all that eating TC from time to time had to let some gas out that came from deep down her stomach what really embarrassed her here and there. But even that happenings didn´t keep TC off to giggle and making jokes on her “;Path of Gluttony”.

You think that was all?

Nope, now our starlet was hot for more and started on the pasta. After a big part of it was gulped down TC´s jeans which were pretty tight before just were more than uncomfortable now so what´s better than to open them to make room?

So TC did and WHAM her belly popped out within seconds and the zipper went down in lightning speed.

As her belly was in a more comfortable position now and with a better opportunity to breath more easy TC got some cravings for sugar and she replaced the pasta with the cake (after some problems of deciding between cake or pie ;-) ) and cut off a big piece of it.

After that piece of cake TC leaned back and claimed to be full. But some belches later she thought about the pie that was standing in front of her… Who was stronger? Her stuffed stomach that was crying “NO” or her cravings that told probably tried to convince her to try the pie???

Oh man… after some seconds of struggle and belly rubbing the hand of TC was on its way to the pie and she cut out a piece of it and down it went.

Now TC really had to quit her feast. Her stomach was protesting by sending burp after burp “upstairs” and on her way to stand up from her chair TC had to stop the first attempt to do so because her stomach was too heavy and she was unable to lift herself up, so TC rested for about 5 seconds and tried again and this time she was able to stand up.

She took her after-measurements (whose results were more than a bit different compared with her pre-stuffing ones) and then rubbed her full tummy again what led to further burps of satisfaction.

The “one stuffed girl” (TC´s original commentary) had eaten quite a lot of the food that was on the table before.

So re-buttoning her pants was a “Mission Impossible” even if TC gave everything to try.

A small review from her before-feast-look (with buttoned jeans) was shown as a small passage to the final part: the re-weighting!

It started with a close up of TC´s big filled belly got some more loving rubs while TC was sitting on the edge of her bed.

A few rubs later she stepped onto the scales again and wow… I don´t tell you how much her weight increased because of her binge but it was a proud number that many other women will never beat…

So the main vid ended and was followed by a bonus vid that I will not mention here as the chance is good that TC will use it on her page once. But I can tell you that it was another premiere for her to do in her life. J

So if you like cute BBWs and think about booking one for a custom vid/pic set you should really think about contacting TC at first.

TC does her vids without a real script and she doesn´t act at all. She stays 100% natural during her sets and in case of a vid set you will often hear her giggle and laugh as she really is funny and warm-hearted.

Another advantage of TC is that she knows how to point out erotic in a very clean way without getting even near into porn directions.

Not to mention that her vids are available at a very fair price!!!

Regarding BBW custom sets TC is a real deal!!!

With that nice words I´m finishing off my review.

Thank you ladies & gentlemen for reading and of course Stacey for being a proud BBW!

"Stuffed" is now available at Thikchic´s website!!!

Best wishes to you all,


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captainfinkster Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Sounds like my kind of woman!
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013

Best wishes,

CLODClod Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Iss Mädel iss...
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Hat sie gemacht... wobei sie hat mehr gefressen als gegessen! Am Ende des Vids hat sie ihre Hosen nicht mehr zubekommen und mußte auch noch Minuten nach dem letzten Bissen aufstoßen, so voll war sie! :-)

Mit knapp 135 kg war sie bisher das schwerste Model, dass ich für so ein Set gebucht habe! :-)

Liebe Grüße

ShadowLugia78 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
Now she's about my size xD
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
Szacey was about 305 pounds in that days... She is retired from modelling now and has a hairdressing and make-up store somewhere in Winnipeg if I´m right...


Thanks for the fav as well!

Best wishes,

ShadowLugia78 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2009
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Well, rather a big loss for the community about curvy chicks... literally a BIG loss...

Best wishes,

ShadowLugia78 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009

Best wishes,

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